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I had 2 dreams growing up: become a game developer or become a rock star. After a stint with a local rock band during high school I realized that the music industry wasn’t for me, and went off to college shortly after the band disbanded.

After earning a Bachelor’s of Computer Science, I attended grad school¬†at SMU Guildhall to pursue my dream of being a game engineer. ¬†During grad school I worked on projects covering a plethora of areas such as AI, gameplay, graphics, networking, and core, which gave me a strong foundational understanding of all areas of game engineering. This website was a portfolio site for me when I was a graduate student trying to get my first job in the industry. It is now primarily an archive of those student projects that I did at that time, and does not reflect my professional work.

Since graduating I’ve had the privilege of working at several prestigious game studios including LucasArts, Crystal Dynamics, Visceral Games, and my current employer id Software. During this time I’ve worked on such high profile titles as Star Wars 1313, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Battlefield: Hardline, Need For Speed (2015), and I’m currently working on Doom: Eternal as an AI engineer.

Thanks for stopping by.